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March 26th 2020

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Terra D"oro


Sierra Foothills, California


99% Zinfandel 1 % Teroldego


The perfect wine to ease into Spring and a great everyday wine!

This will mark the third time we have featured this stellar bottling!

So this Thursday will be a quiet Open Bottle.

Yes, we will have this Zinfandel open for those who venture out, but we will be limiting the total number of patrons in the shop to eight at a time. We are also setting up two distinct Tasting Areas to provide more social distance. Of course, curbside pickup is available along with local delivery. So call ahead. We are happy to help.  
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On to the Wine......
For more than 150 years, fortune seekers have been lured to California’s rugged Sierra Foothills. Though they once came for the gold, these days they come for the wine. Terra d’Oro is handcrafted from some of Amador County’s most historic vineyards. The wine is rich and full of the character and intensity that perfectly captures the essence of this "Land of Gold."

 90 Points!

Editor"s Choice!

Wine Enthusiast

"Hints of black pepper, clove and cedar waft from the glass, followed by ripe and generous fruit flavors on the palate. This wine is dry, well balanced and has a mouthwatering texture stiffened a bit by light tannins."

 Our Thoughts......

This savory Zinfandel displays vibrant aromas of rich, spicy clove and big, generous fruit with hints of vanilla that entice the nose. An abundance of plums and flavors of dense, juicy blackberries excites the senses with a round mouthfeel of well-integrated tannins on the finish. This wine is rich and powerful, and incredibly well-balanced.  

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Terra D"oro & Sustainability .........

Sustainable agriculture integrates three goals: environmental health, economic profitability and social and economic equity. Reducing the need for pesticides, for example, helps achieve the first two. A little ingenuity can replace a lot of nasty chemicals. That’s why the “weeds” between vine rows are actually carefully selected and seeded cover crops like clover, oats, peas and vetch. These leguminous plants help fix nitrogen from the air to “fertilize” the soil and grow tall enough in the spring to attract good bugs that feed on bad bugs harmful to newly budded vines. We’ve also built owl boxes to encourage these nocturnal hunters to stick around and keep down the critter population.

The Land

Amador County has been the home to superior Zinfandel for over a century. Zinfandel came to Amador County in the wagons of Italian immigrants during the California Gold Rush. The Mother Lode was rich with gold and teeming with thirsty pioneers. After the boom, Amador’s population numbers collapsed like an old mine shaft and many of Amador’s Zinfandel vineyards were replaced with prune and walnut orchards. Luckily, there was enough demand for Zinfandel that some of the original vineyards remain today.


Today, Terra d’Oro winery utilizes sustainable farming practices and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in much of our 400 acres of vineyards. The vines are rooted in shallow topsoil above rocky granite hardpan on a series of gentle slopes between 1,300 and 1,600 feet in elevation. Hot summer days and cool nights ensure that our grapes achieve full ripeness and maximum concentration of flavors. For over three decades, Terra d’Oro has been a pioneer in the development of superior Zinfandel.


More recently the winery has played a pivotal role in the exploration of cloning, with small blocks of vineyards planted to ten different Zinfandel clones. Our efforts have led to a partnership the University of California Extension program, as well as the Amador County Vintner’s Association, and the combined research is yielding new and unprecedented results in the world of Zinfandel…Zinfandel is our focus and our passion.

Region History................

Both gold and grapes arrived in Amador County at almost exactly the same time. Fortune-seekers flocked here during the 1850s, attracted by the discovery of the famous “Mother Lode”. Many of these prospectors chose to plant vineyards instead, first to satisfy the thirst of thousands of miners and later to make a living after the mines began to run dry. By the 1890s, the foothill region had over 100 wineries (more than any other region in California).

By 1920 most of the gold mines had closed and Prohibition laws compelled wineries to shut their doors. This region was revived in 1970, when a young winemaker named Cary Gott and his father-in-law, Walter Field, established Montevina Winery. As the first new post-Prohibition winery in the Sierra Foothills, Montevina helped to return both Amador County and Zinfandel to the attention of fine wine aficionados everywhere and to remake the Sierra Nevada foothills as one of the best wine regions around.

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