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As many of you recognize Austrian Wines offer a rare combination of excellent quality and extreme value.
Because of our belief in this, we sell more Austrian wines than any other retailer in the USA!!



The lucky number for the world of Austrian wine seems to be the 9, since when the year ends with this numeral – like 1999 and 2009 (‘the Niners’) – the vintage often turns out to be particularly fine. This legendary series continues in 2019: despite heat and drought, the white wines are vivaciously fresh and the reds show excellent depth.
And at 2.3 million hectolitres production, 2019 is in line with the long-term average in terms of volume.

Invigorating freshness coupled with a radiantly clear expression of fruit are characteristic for all of the white wine varieties, accompanied as well by structural acidity that is rather striking for such a warm year. Accordingly, the white wines are expressing a singular sense of elegance and harmony at an early stage of development.
Niederösterreich’s (Lower Austria’s) leading variety Grüner Veltliner turned out more varietally expressive and multidimensional than it has been for a long time – in addition to the characteristic white pepper snap and tobacco-like spice, 2019 offers especially vivid fruit flavours, which give the lighter versions a great deal of dynamic tension, substance and expressiveness. The Rieslings – in their strongholds from the Wachau via the Kamptaland Kremstal to Vienna’s Nussberg – are extremely juicy and fruit-driven, again supported by a racy framework of acidity.
Almost the same can be said for the Burgenland appellations, where – for example, in Leithaberg – very well-structured and aromatically mature Weissburgunders (Pinot Blancs) and Chardonnays were vinified. In addition, their alcohol content is rather moderate compared to some of the previous hot years.


The outlook for the red wine vintage – which should be regarded as equally positive – could begin with a gratifying as well as surprising backward glance, since Austria has now recorded five very good to excellent red wine vintages in a row starting with 2015 (possibly with small minuses for 2016). A phenomenon that until recently nobody would have thought possible!

The 2019 wines are thus far consistently deep in colour, extremely concentrated and rich in extract, although acidity and tannins also appear to check out at an impressive level. All in all, well-structured and firm red wines of consistent depth and complexity can be predicted, which should seamlessly follow the great red wine vintages like 2011, 2015 and 2017. This applies to all red wine centres as well as all red grape varieties, although it should be noted that climate change is particularly beneficial for varieties such as Cabernet and Syrah, which in Austria used to experience difficulty reaching full maturity. But Blaufränkisch, Zweigeltand Sankt Laurent as well were naturally favoured with optimum ripeness and a completely pristine state of health, so that well-balanced wines full of juice and power can be expected. Of course, this also applies to Pinot Noir, although in such hot years, vineyard management and the choice of harvest date for this capricious grape variety are particularly important.





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