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I believe that we can say that we proudly bid Hail and Farewell to our 41st President. The stories related by the many speakers underscored the respect and feeling that was held for a humble and generous man who never saw an undertaking that was too much. We need more of his ilk to show themselves.

Now we have an exciting weekend ahead of us! Not only do we have great wines and beers, but Tim Quinn will be here to fill the shop with the aromas of delicious soups and crab cakes!! Just in time for everyone"s needs!! You"re going to have to stock up before the snow storm hits! Right?!?!

Tuesday is the last class of the year. It should be a particularly instructive one. We"ll be trying to recreate the Catena Alta Malbec 2013 from the six single vineyard wines that made it up under the supervision of winey rep Rob Moulthrop, DWSET with Mondo Vino Importers.

Of course, we"ll be sampling some of the other excellent wines from Catena as well!

We"ve had one glitch - those of you that asked to sign up after last month"s class - we misplaced the sign up sheet. Please call to confirm your interest!!

But now the real challenge arises! Not only will you be serving family and friends, but colleagues and some strangers as well!
Gifts must be procured! Hostess gifts selected and delivered.
And above all else - it must not break the bank!!

That"s what we"re here for!

We have everything that you"ll need at The Wine Cabinet!!

Always Drink Responsibly.

Kate, Natalie, Heidi, Kathy, Susie, Brigitte
Bill, Steve, Nate, Rande and Mike

It all starts Tonight with  Open Bottle Thursday!

The Wine Cabinet


2015 Estate Bottled, Barossa Valley Shiraz/Viognier

90 points! The Wine Spectator

"Dark in color, rich and dense. There are ample soft tannins balanced by the powerful fruit.
You will note the hints of blackberries, dark cherry and ever so slight eucalyptus flavors upfront and on the finish.
Enjoy with rich dishes like lamb shank, Osso Buco, any cut of  beef steak or roast duck."

Regularly: $20.99

Only $17.00!!

$90 for six ($15.00)



Friday: Fabio Marrone, Bravo Imports: Bravo has provided some of our tastiest Italian wines over the last few years. We have som new selection stop show you including a 2012 Brunelli that will be perfect for Christmas dinner or to gift to your very favorite friends!

Saturday: Tatiana El Shafie, Virginia Imports and Shore Boys Soups!!: What a great combination - wines from The Calling and soups from the Eastern Shore!! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to match the wines with the soups in the most palate-pleasing way. What a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon! Who wants to be at the mall anyway?!?!

The Beer Shelves: Christmas brews are going out the front door faster than they are coming in the backdoor. We"re not complaining, but you may be if you don"t get just the right selection.

 Watch our Facebook page for more info and updates. 

Upcoming Events!! 

December 11 - Class: Malbec Blending with Catena!!
Rob from the Catena Winery will lead us through sampling the 6  single vineyard Malbecs that were combined to create the 2013 Catena Alta Malbec.
You"ll get a chance to blend them yourself to recreate the magic!!

Check out the Events tab on our website!! 
Our Guiding Principles:

"The Day"s not done until you have a good laugh."

"We have a bottle of wine for every palate and every wallet!"

"Make every day an occasion at The Wine Cabinet."

"Gladly serving the community, one bottle at a time."


(All purchases must be accompanied by a credit card.)


 Estate Bottled 2015
Barossa Valley, Australia 
98% Shiraz & 2% Viognier

This is Fran Kysela"s pet project out of Australia, Fran is based  in nearby Winchester VA. He was recently named The Wine Enthusiast 2013 Importer of The Year. He partners with a big name winery (hint T-C) to make this small production, high end Shiraz under his Rubus label, but at half the price of the well-known winery. 

This wine is perfect for a Holiday party or just midweek when you would like a glass with dinner, enjoy!
90 Points The Wine Spectator

"Blackberry, currant and blueberry flavors are dense, intense and powerful, mingling with black licorice, sage and spice notes, with a brambly undertone. A spicy hint lingers on the finish..."

Our Thoughts.........

This richly concentrated Barossa Shiraz is indicative of the style for which Australia"s top production region is famous. The wine is dark in color, rich and dense. There are ample tannins balanced by the powerful fruit. You will note the hints of blackberries, dark cherry and ever so slight eucalyptus flavors upfront and on the finish. Enjoy with rich dishes like lamb shank, Osso bucco, any cut of  beef steak or roast duck.

Elsewhere at $23
 Regular Price $20.99
Special Sale Price 
 $17.00 a bottle

$90.00 for six! ($15.00 per bottle)

Call us to order


Wine Making Notes
The Viognier was co-fermented (50/50) with Shiraz and then back blended with Shiraz before filling to oak. Fermentation was cool for the Shiraz Viognier parcel (20 deg C) and slightly warmer for the Shiraz parcels (26-28 deg C). We used a yeast called RX60 which was originally isolated from Barossa vineyards but is now commercially produced. Malo-lactic fermentation was carried out at the same time as alcoholic fermentation. By the time the parcels were pressed they were ready to be locked up and put to bed in oak. We used some A grade material to bolster the Rubus blend. (Read 15 % Premium Shiraz) These parcels saw very sexy American oak that was coopered in France – they are a toned down version of American oak and require much more time to blossom. It might just be in my head but the American oak coopered in France is much more delicate and the tannins it gives to the wine are more elegant and long. The remaining wine saw American oak coopered in America, most of the oak was sourced from the Appalachian mountain range. The coopers say that these barrels add a spicy nose and creamy mid palate (almost like lemon cream). They tend to have less sweet oak character and therefore helps retain the perception of acid line.

Just to remind you of the ongoing opportunities we have:
Thursday Evening Open Bottle 4:00 - 8:00 pm - 1 wine rated highly and discounted generously;
Friday Evening Tasting 5:00 - 8:00 pm - 3 Beers, 5 wines discounted 10% from the first bottle;
Saturday Afternoon 1:00 - 5:00 pm - a different group of beers and wines and sometimes soup or chocolate or something else of interest!

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