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2017 ROSE"


A perfect wine for the hot, humid, "dog days" of August.
You can chill this wine to your hearts content and know that it will still offer a ripe, luscious flavor and a refreshing crispness
that will both slake your thirst and make you impatient for the next sip.

I don"t think you can make it  through the month without a good supply of a wine like this in your cellar!!
 - Mike

Regularly: $15.99

Special Sale 

$14.00 per bottle

$144.00 for twelve ($12 per bottle!)



Friday: The Country Vintner, Margot Blattmann: We"ll be sampling the wines of Cousino-Macul from Chile this Friday evening. It"s one of the oldest wineries in South America and also one of the few still owned and managed by the founding family!! I can"t think of a better recommendation except that it"s also garners as many awards as any of their competitors!!

On top of that, Veronica Cousino (the latest generation) was just in the shop and her smile won me over!!

Saturday:KW Selections, Klaus Wittauer: Klaus always brings a unique energy to the tasting table. This Saturday will be no different!! We have some of his favorites for you to taste - some that we haven"t put before you in quite a while!!
Come in and keep him busy!!

The Beer Shelves: If the heat and humidity of the past week doesn"t make you want to have a good, cold beer, than perhaps nothing ever will! We have some recent releases that prove, once again, that brew-masters have not even come close to exploring all the options available to them.

Call or message us on Facebook, if we can put something aside for you before they"re all gone!

 Watch our Facebook page for more info and updates. 

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The Wine Club:

August 28 - Meet the Winemaker from Casa LaPostolle, Santa Cruz, Chile!!

September 18 - The Great Grapes of Austria!!

October 16 - Pinot Noir, Gris and Blanc!!

October 22 - Paint and Sip III!!

November 13 - Dessert Wines!!

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Open Bottle Thursday!!!

9 August, 2018

4:00 - 8:00 pm

(All purchases must be accompanied by a credit card.)


Kamptal, Austria  2017


This was the unanimous favorite of our Rose" Class in 2017 and it has continued as one of the most popular offerings that we have had on the shelf. 
At the Taste of Reston this year, the crowds could hardly get enough.

A perfect wine for the hot, humid, "dog days" of August. You can chill this wine to your hearts content and know that it will still offer a ripe, luscious flavor and a refreshing crispness that will both slake your thirst and make you impatient for the next sip.

I don"t think you can make it  through the month without a good supply of a wine like this in your cellar!!

 - Mike

89 points Anne Krebiehl
 This very pale rosé just teases with its hints of berry on the subdued nose. 
These become evident as strawberry notes on the light, dry and very slender palate. 
This is light, fruity and spells summer refreshment. 

88 points The Wine Enthusiast
Citrus rather than red fruit plays on the nose of this Cabernet Sauvignon rosé. 
The palate echos that zesty verve, finishing lip-smackingly dry. 
An easy but fun summer wine.)   (7/2017)

The Winemaker"s Thoughts .........

 The color is a very pale rose" from the very short time skins are allowed contacted with the juice. The Aromas of flowers, ripe, red fruit and dewy meadows translate to a soft. but lengthy palate with a crisp, mouth-watering finish. Nicely balanced with excellent character and interest.
Perfect complement to reef fish, shellfish, light appetizers and vegetarian dishes.

Special Sale Price 
 $14.00 a bottle

$144.00 for a full case! ($12.00 per bottle!)

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For many years, sustainability has presented an important theme in agriculture – and increasingly so in wine production. Acknowledging this, in a project spanning the course of several years, the Austrian Viticultural Association has developed an online-tool for measuring the sustainable work practices of the domestic wine production sector. With this, Austrian winegrowers can conduct an autonomous evaluation of their own establishment, and, as of spring 2014, in one additional step can apply for a certification of sustainability. Certified estates may then add the declaration ‘certified sustainable’ along with the estate’s registration number to their label, if they wish. Shown here are variants of the logo for use on wine labels.


Wine Region Kamptal: The name Kamptal refers to the Kamp river. This beautiful area is filled with culture and tourism, which are enhanced by the numerous Heurigen (vineyard taverns) and Vinotheques.

Karl Steininger is one of the initiators of the Loisium. The wine project is nestled in the vineyards of Winery Steininger. It combines world class architecture and a mystical underground world of wine. (

Wine Village Langenlois: The family-run winery is situated in Austria’s biggest wine growing village, Langenlois, the heart of the Kamptal. Soil and Climate: Loess with gravel, dynamics between the hot, Pannonian lain in the east along with the cool Waldviertel to the northeast, interplay between hot days and cool nights. This confers great aromas and vigorous acidity to the grapes.

Production: Grüner Veltliner represents over 50% of the production. It can be found in different styles, from a light summer wine to powerful and voluminous full-bodied wines as well as dessert wines and our speciality - the sparkling wines, which are produced according to the traditional bottle fermenting method.



Friday Tasting

The Country Vintner
Margot Blattmann

 5:00 - 8:00 p.m

The Vineyard!!
Founded in 1856, Cousiño-Macul is the only 19th century winery in Chile that remains in the hands of the original founding family. All Cousiño-Macul reserve wines are estate grown, vinted and bottled. After seven generations and over 150 years, Cousiño-Macul’s mission rings clear — to produce world-class wines that are unmistakably Chilean, carrying the distinctive character of the Maipo Valley.

All Cousiño-Macul wines are made entirely with grapes sourced from its two estates located in the Maipo Valley. Both the Macul estate in the southeast of Santiago and the estate in Buin are part of the subregion known as Alto Maipo. The Alto Maipo is appropriately named due to high altitude orientation at the foot of the Andes Mountains. As the snow melts in the spring and summer, the Andes provide an ample source of pure, fresh water for vineyard irrigation. The soil is especially suited for the production of high-quality grapes: shallow, sandy-silky topsoil with rough stone below. All vines are planted on original root systems. Vines for new plantations come from massal selections carried out in the nurseries at Macul over a period of 10 years. This selection has allowed the preservation of genetic material of great value, originally brought to Chile by Luis Cousiño in 1860, including Cabernet and Merlot varieties from Pauillac in Haut-Medoc, and Sauvignon Gris from Martillac in Graves.

The Wines!!

Sauvignon Gris $15.99
Clear, soft yellow with bright edges, this wine has a delicate freshness and zest on the nose. Fruit aromas of ripe peach, juicy pineapple and French lemon. In the mouth, it is very fresh, balanced and delightfully fun.
A complex wine, citric and fresh with medium body that harmonizes quite well as an aperitif or with salads. Also a great accompaniment to seafood including crab, oysters, mussels or clams and all types of fish.?

Antiguas Reserva Chardonnay $18.99
With a brilliant and clear golden color, this wine has an intense and delicate bouquet, the dominating fruits are pineapple and melon, with faint touches of vanilla. The elegant oak combines perfectly with the fruit and the acidity. On the palate, it is friendly and very elegant.
A very good companion for tuna or steak tatare, smoked salmon, sashimi and seafood pasta with cream sauce.  

Antiguas Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99
Since the debut in 1927, Antiguas Reservas has always been a limited selection of the very best Cabernet Sauvignon from the Cousiño-Macul estate vineyards. Over the years, Cousiño-Macul has maintained its classic style by combining New World ripeness with Old World elegance, finesse and a framework to age long and well.
Showcasing a dark ruby color, this wine offers intense fruit aromas of berry, delicate cocoa, fresh herbs and light toast followed on the palate by harmonious flavors of ripe black plums and blackberry fruit. Medium-bodied, this wine has a persistent and complex finish and a structure that allows it to be enjoyed now or left to age for up to a decade.
This wine can easily be paired with a great porterhouse steak to Penne Arrabiata.

Dama De Plata Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99
Of an elegant violet color and a complex aroma composition, Dama de Plata has a fruity nose, filled with cherries, plums and spices.  In mouth you will find elegant and firm tannins.  This wine is a medium bodied wine, with an excellent balance between fruit and oak.  
Due to its varietal characteristics, this wine is perfect for filet mignon with grilled vegetables, beef Wellington accompanied with twice baked potatoes, moussaka and Truffle risotto.
Finis Terrae $27.99
With a deep cherry color, the Finis Terrae showcases an intense nose of red fruit with subtle eucalyptus and spice. It also offers very elegant and discrete wood notes with clove. In the mouth it is very tasty and elegant, medium-bodied and succulent. Cherries stand out on the very long ending. Perfect for enjoying now, but can be cellared for nearly a decade. 
Due to its high complexity, this wine has a wide range of dishes for pairing. Possessing a great body and structure it’s a great complement for any red meat. The subtlety of aromas and flavors would be a perfect partner for Italian pastries or a potato and pumpkin gnocchi gratin with Roquefort cheese sauce and parmesan.

The Beers!!

Center of The Universe Chameleon IPA 4 pack $15.99

Like the color-changing lizard, the newest year-round beer at Center of the Universe Brewing Co. will change — not in response to the vicissitudes of the environment or the market, but on a six-week schedule beginning March 9. Brewers will use different hop blends for each version of the Chameleon India Pale Ale, while maintaining a consistent grain bill. Because of the wide range of hop varieties, the beer"s aroma and taste will change with each version. And so will the color of the cans.Using colors to differentiate the versions rather than numbers, says co-owner Chris Ray, allows the brewery to repeat a beer. And by making smaller-batch IPAs, says his brother and co-owner Phil Ray, they can access scarce specialty hops."We haven"t released a year-round beer since Chin Music [in 2014]," Phil says. "This enables us to change up our portfolio and allows our brewers to flex their creative muscles.

Commonwealth Maoritanga Double IPA 4 pack $19.99

Bells Kalamazoo Stout 6 pack $13.99

 Alcohol By Volume: 6.00%
Kalamazoo Stout. Named after the city where it all began, Kalamazoo Stoutis one of our most classic recipes. This smooth, full-bodied stout offers a blend of aromas and flavors of dark chocolate and freshly roasted coffee, balanced with a significant hop presence.



Saturday Tasting
1:00 - 5:00 pm

KW Selections
Klaus Wittauer


The Wines!!
Strauss Sauvignon Blanc Classic $ 17.99
This is a Sauvignon blanc with good fruit and complex mineral and herbal notes. It is aromatic, full in the mouth and balanced by good acidity that leads to a crisp, clean finish supported by citrus flavours. It will pair well with seafood, cheeses and chicken dishes Origin: Austria, South-Styria, Gamlitz, Vinivication: hand harvest, grape and single berry selection, fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. 

12,5 % Vol. Alc., 6,1 ‰ Acid, 3,0 g Residual sugar?

Steininger Kamptal Gruner Veltliner $16.99

92 points, Wine Enthusiast 
“Lifted, pear-scented freshness dominates the nose while the palate is soft but has a pleasing and linear citrus focus. This is poised and offers sophisticated refreshment.”  Anne Krebiehl, MW

This is an excellent example of a typical Austrian Grüner Veltliner. A dry (yes dry…don’t let the bottle fool you!)  and fresh white wine with influences of green apples, grapefruit and lemon showing off trademarks of flinty mineral, citrus and tropical fruit. The spice of white pepper and ripe acidity underlines all this. 
A perfect every day white wine.     

Anton Bauer Rose" $14.99

 Zweigelt/Merlot/Syrah 2017 (Alc. 12%, RS 4.5g/l, AC 5.5 g/l)
 Clear, light pink with a stimulating fragrant floral and berry nose. The wine has an elegant structure. It is round and soft on the palate with a clean, crisp and dry finish. A marvelous patio wine for long summer evenings searching for an invitation to dinner.

Anton Bauer Wagram Pinot Noir $24.99
This Pinot Noir shows a precise balance between the fruit and acidity that makes it fresh and lively. It has a typical Pinot Noir nose with strawberries, raspberries and floral notes such as violets. On the palate the wine is well balanced, elegant and it has a long finish tasting of red berries. An all-purpose red, easy to drink and it pairs with many different dishes from fish and vegetables to lighter meat dishes and spicy food. 
Hillinger Blaufrankisch $17.99

Alc. 13% acidity 4.6 g/l residual sugar 6.2g/l 
The Wine Enthusiast 89pts.

Slick and polished, handsome and sexy, dashing with a firm body. Former super model turned winemaker, Leo Hillinger, created this blend to make an easy, soft, drinkable, red with dark fruit. A light oak barrel touch and eloquent tannins, this red speaks of drinkability with plush texture and friendly flavors into the finish. 

The Beers!!

3 Stars Grapefruit Ghost IPA 4 pack $13.99
White IPA  ABV     5.9%
Pilsner & White Wheat and Caramel 30
Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra Columbus
Bright, light, citrusy and crisp with a lingering hop bitterness.
Food Pairing
Works well with roasted meats and root vegetables. Also pairs nicely with grilled or smoked fish and spicy cuisines.

Commonwealth Whakatu IPA 4 pack $19.99

7.5% ABV 4.1 BeerAdvocate
Another absurdly great New England style IPA from Commonwealth. Might be time to start throwing around the term world-class for this brewery.

Oliver Brewing Long Live Rock & Roll 4 pack $15.99

5% ABV
We’ve been talking about getting this one nailed down for a while now, I’m psyched that it’s finally happening. We’re brewing 60bbls over the course of 2 days. As always, this series of 9% abv Double IPAs is an excuse to play around with some hop combinations that we haven’t used before. A firm malt base (English Maris Otter and German 2 row pale malts with a splash of crystal malt and malted wheat) lays the foundation for an assertive, but not overwhelming bitterness, courtesy of Southern Cross and Columbus. We’ll be dry hopping with 3 different varieties for a final hopping rate of around 2 1/2 lbs/bbl. El Dorado will be the main dry hop for this bad boy (tropical fruit – pear/watermelon/stone fruit) supported by Hallertau Blanc (passion fruit/grapefruit/pineapple) and Idaho 7 (apricot/orange/papaya).




It"s all about the Beer.......


Did someone say HOT!!

DC in the Summer Months = MUST DRINK BEER!!! 
(or Cold Wine or White Port and Ginger Ale!!)

Just to remind you of the ongoing opportunities we have:
Thursday Evening Open Bottle 4:00 - 8:00 pm - 1 wine rated highly and discounted generously;
Friday Evening Tasting 5:00 - 8:00 pm - 3 Beers, 5 wines discounted 10% from the first bottle;
Saturday Afternoon 1:00 - 5:00 pm - a different group of beers and wines and sometimes soup or chocolate or something else of interest!
What more could you ask!!



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